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Resident Decals

Resident Decals are available at the Town Hall and Police Department. Vehicle decal(s) are provided for your vehicle at no charge. The decals are issued according to your Vehicle Identification Number appearing on the vehicle registration. These decals help our Police Department recognize which cars belong to Gulf Stream residents and which cars require closer observation. If you do not have the registration available, anything that the Vehicle Identification Number appears on is acceptable (i.e., insurance card, title).

Lawn Trimmings

Please note that lawn maintenance firms and tree trimmers must take their cuttings with them. The Town’s contract with Waste Management does not include cuttings and lawn maintenance debris. You may be billed for the pickups outside the scope of our contract.

Flood Zoning Information

As a public service, the Town of Gulf Stream provides the following information upon request:

  • Whether a property is in or out of the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) as shown on the current Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) of the Town.
  • Additional flood insurance data, such as the FIRM Zone and the base flood elevation or depth, if shown on the FIRM of the Town.
  • The Town also has elevation certificates for many of the properties in Town.
  • The Town participates in the Community Rating system, a part of the National Flood Insurance Program, and some residents qualify for a 15% discount on their flood insurance rates. Please talk to your insurance agent.
  • Information concerning Flood Warnings/Preparation and Insurance can be found by following this link:  Gulf Stream Guide.
  • Palm Beach County’s Hurricane Preparedness Guide:

Call (561) 276-5116 or visit Town Hall during regular business hours, 9:00am to 4:00pm, to obtain further information.

Workers to be Registered

All workers hired to perform services for your property (employees and deliveries not included) must be registered to do work in the Town. If you are hiring a contractor (for example, to do lawn work or make improvements to your home) please ask them to register at Town Hall if they are not currently on file. Occupational registration is designed to ensure workers are properly licensed and insured, which enhances the safety of the community.

New Stop Signs

New stop signs have been installed on all intersections along Gulf Stream Road, Polo Drive and at Sea Road and County Road. In addition, a school zone has been established from Sea Road and County Road to Gulf Stream Road and Lakeview Drive. The school zone will reduce the speed limit from 20 mph to 15 mph on school days during designated hours. During those time periods, speeding fines will be doubled in compliance with Florida Traffic Statutes.

These measures have been undertaken to address traffic generated by construction trucks and other types of large commercial and delivery vehicles during daytime hours and to provide an additional layer of safety for our school children, many of whom walk and ride their bicycles to and from school.

Whiteflies Damage Landscaping

Whiteflies have become a major problem with landscaping in South Florida. The whitefly, native of Central America, damages palms and ornamental vegetation and leaves sooty droppings. The pest can kill palms, ficus hedges and other landscaping. For more information on the Whitefly and how to eradicate it, please check the Palm Beach County Whitefly Task Force