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Australian Pines

One of the most distinctive features of the Town is its historic canopy of Australian Pines along North Ocean Boulevard (State Road A1A). The pines were originally planted during the 1920s. The deep sandy soil in Gulf Stream allowed for a deep root structure which has provided solid stability for the trees. In 1992, the 2-mile stretch of North Ocean Boulevard and the accompanying canopy were designated by the Florida Legislature as a State Historic Scenic Highway. As such, the historic canopy continues to be preserved and maintained.

Residents should contact the Town Hall before doing any landscaping work at the base of the Australian pine trees. The Town Arborist has instructed the Town as to how the Australian Pines should be maintained and there are strict guidelines to which we adhere regarding fertilizing and any pruning. Turf should be removed or a herbicide applied to kill the grass directly around the trunks. A clear area of at least 18″ should be maintained around all trees. A thin layer of mulch (about 2″ thick) should be used to help reduce turf incursion into this area directly around the trunks. Mulch should not be piled up on the trunks. The Arborist noted several trees with damage caused by lawn services weed eating around the tree trunks. We are told that this type of damage cannot be repaired and shortens the life of any tree, not just Australian Pines.


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