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The Town of Gulf Stream has entered into an Interlocal Agreement with the Town of Highland Beach for all permitting and inspection services.   The Town of Highland Beach utilizes a 100% digital permit process that Gulf Stream will follow.  No paper permit applications will be accepted.  If you have a pending permit package with Gulf Stream, please stop by Town Hall and pick up your permit package.  Permit applications will need to submitted on Highland Beach forms and submitted digitally.  Contractors can review Highland Beach’s permit submission process and find Highland Beach’s permit application forms on their building department website located at Contractors should submit their permit applications through the Highland Beach permit portal located at

The Town of Gulf Stream retains all zoning authority for any properties located in the Town of Gulf Stream.  All zoning requirements and fees are applicable and must be met before any permit can be issued by Highland Beach.  All permit zoning documents will be submitted through the Highland Beach permit portal along with all required permit documents. All of Gulf Stream’s permit application requirements and Highland Beach permit requirements must be met before permits can be issued. You can find the permit fee schedule here :

As part of the mandatory documents required for all permits, each contractor should download the Gulf Stream Construction Handbook found here. The first page should be signed and uploaded along with the other necessary permit documents.