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Fire and Rescue

The Town contracts with the City of Delray Beach for Fire and Emergency Medical Service. For emergencies, always call 911. For non-emergencies, the Delray Beach Fire Rescue Department can be reached at (561) 243-7400.

Water Service

Billing for water services is provided through the Town. Please call the Town Hall, (561) 276-5116, if you have any questions regarding your bill. New residents should call Town Hall to advise the Town that you are the new owner of the property and will be responsible for the water bill. By doing so, proper changes may be made to the resident list to ensure that you receive your bill in a timely fashion.

Electrical Service

Electrical service is provided within the Town by Florida Power and Light (FPL). FPL can be contacted online or by phone at (561) 994-8227.


Communication Services are offered by several providers. AT&T/BellSouth (1-888-333-6651 for new service and 1-800-331-0500 for customer support) andComcast (1-800-266-2278) offer telephone, internet and television services to the Town.

Solid Waste Disposal

The Town currently has a franchise agreement with Waste Management, which provides for “back-door” garbage pick up on Wednesday and Saturday east of the Intracoastal Waterway and in Place Au Soleil. It is not necessary to carry your garbage curbside.

In order to maintain the community’s appearance on garbage days, please leave the garbage just outside the side door or garage door. You can also designate an enclosed area just beside the garage and inform Waste Management of its location (561) 547-4000. Recycling pick-up is on Saturday east of the Intracoastal and in Place Au Soleil. Non-dumpster residents will be billed bi-monthly by the Town.

Please contact Waste Management for large vegetative and bulk pickup. Homeowners may be billed separately by Waste Management for bulk pick-up per cubic yard.

Development Review Process

In order to preserve our unique community character, the Town adopted Design Guidelines that address exterior aspects of your home. If you are planning exterior remodeling, painting or major landscaping work, please contact the Town Manager at (561) 276-5116 to review your plans and determine what requirements may apply.

Prior to any changes to the exterior of the home or major landscape work, a pre-application meeting is required with the Town Manager. This meeting will determine the appropriate development review process and what materials are required for submittal.

The Town’s Future Land Use Plan (PDF link) and Zoning Map (PDF link) govern the uses and structures allowed within the community. The Town has no existing and does not allow commercial or industrial uses. The Town Code of Ordinances, including the Land Development Regulations and Design Manual, and the development applications are available for review and purchase at Town Hall.

New development applications are due to the Town by the 15th of each month. Depending upon the request, a development application may be reviewed and considered by Town Staff, the Architectural Review and Planning Board and Town Commission. For items requiring consideration by the Town Commission, recommendations are provided by the Architectural Review and Planning Board and Town Staff. A chart outlining the development review process is here (PDF link).

Building Permits are processed through an agreement with the City of Delray Beach. All applicants must fill out the pertinent City of Delray Beach Building Permit application and submit it to the Town with four sets of drawings, product approvals, etc., as required by the City of Delray Beach, for approval. After approval from the Town of Gulf Stream, all permits are picked up by the applicant and submitted to the City of Delray Beach for review and inspections.