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Town of Gulf Stream General Information

Town Hall

Gulf Stream Town Hall is located at 100 Sea Road. Town Hall hosts the William F. Koch, Jr. Commission chambers and the offices of the Town Manager and Town Clerk. Greg Dunham is the Gulf Stream Town Manager and Renee’ Basel is the Town Clerk. Town Hall is the source of the latest information about the Town and its services. For more information, you can contact Town Hall at (561) 276-5116.

Contact Information

The Town of Gulf Stream
100 Sea Road
Gulf Stream, FL 33483
Phone: (561) 276-5116

Gulf Stream Police

The Town of Gulf Stream provides its own Police Department, which patrols the Town 24 hours a day. The Police Station is located at 246 Sea Road. All new and existing security alarm systems require an “application for alarm permit” which are issued by the Police Department.

Police Contact Numbers

For emergencies, please call 911. To contact the Gulf Stream Police Department for non-emergency police assistance, please call dispatch at (561) 243-7800. Contact the administrative office at (561) 278-8611.

Crime Prevention and Safety Tips

• Remove valuables from your cars and keep the doors locked. Utilize the alarm system and secure your home in your absence. An open garage door is an advertisement of the property stored within and provides an easy access point to the rest of the house. Make sure your garage door is closed completely and that it is opened only when necessary.

• Going on vacation? Call your Police Department. They will check the property periodically while you are gone and notify your specified emergency contact(s) if any problems are found. Arrange for your mail, newspapers and delivered packages to be picked up daily.

Town Commission

The Town Commission is the elected board consisting of five commissioners. Commissioners serve three-year terms. The Mayor and Vice Mayor are selected by the Commission members. Commission meetings are held on the second Friday of every month beginning at 9 a.m. at the Town Hall, 100 Sea Road.

The members of the Town Commission are:

Mayor Scott Morgan
Vice Mayor Thomas Stanley
Paul Lyons
Joan Orthwein
Thomas Smith

Architectural Review and Planning Board

The Architectural Review and Planning Board, composed of five members and two alternates, is a voluntary board which reviews, considers and makes recommendations to the Town Commission regarding proposed development projects and issues within the Town. The Board can also review, consider and give final approval for limited development projects, as specific by the Town’s Code of Ordinances. Board members are selected by the Town Commission, and they also serve three-year terms. ARPB members are limited to serving three consecutive terms. The Architectural Review and Planning Board meet on the fourth Thursday of every month at 8:30 a.m. at Town Hall, 100 Sea Road.

The members of the Architectural Review and Planning Board are:

Malcolm Murphy, Chairman

Bob Dockerty, Vice Chairman

Curtiss Roach, Board Member

Jorgette Smith, Board Member

Robert Canfield, Board Member

Amanda Jones, Alternate Board Member

Michael Greene, Alternate Board Member